Miami Remembers 9/11

Gina McCartney


Palmetto FL

We had just opened the door at 9 a.m. to our shop and we each had our patrons seated when a walk-in casually mentioned that he had heard on the radio just as he was coming in, that a plane had hit the WTC.

We all mused about how the heck someone could hit a building that big and that something must have gone wrong with the plane, blah blah blah. So one of us put the TV on in the back room and just as the first building was being reported on live TV, a second plane hit the second building!

She screamed from the back room and we were all stunned for a moment, then slowly reality started to sink into to us one by one. My very first thought was my four year old son who was at day care a few blocks away. I had always been accused of being over reactive and too protective when it comes to my son and so after wrestling with myself for ten minutes whether to go get him or not, I reluctantly decided not to go.

In the days and weeks that passed after, EVERY parent I spoke to went and got their children! I knew it was a serious situation, though all seemed to settle down rather quickly and so I convinced myself all was ok. How wrong I was; NOTHING has been OK since 9/11. Our American way of life has been compromised in every way since that day and I realize even if I had gone and gotten my son that day, he still wasn't rescued.

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