Miami Remembers 9/11

James Hodges


crawfordville Florida FL

I had never been to New York. We had a sales meeting on September 10 in Central Park. Small office supply company from Florida. After the meeting we walked back to Times Square where we were staying.

The boss told us to meet back in an hour ready for a nice dinner. On the subway we were all ecstatic ..."NEW YORK!" We had tickets to see "Mama Mia" the next night. We arrived at our destination ... the World Trade Center, where we were going to dinner. "Wild Blue" on the 107th. floor ... two elevators to get us there ... great meal! $800 ...then down the hall to "Windows on the World"

The boss pulls out a credit card and basically says ... have fun! And we did. I remember standing in between the windows looking down and trying to imagine the fall ... it was after 1 a.m. when we left. The next morning after watching the second plane hit ... we knew! My boss said it ... bin Laden.. I had never heard that name before. We put on our walking shoes and walked down to the close as we could get. I bought a camera on the way and took a ton of pictures...the sirens...the chaos... the next morning we were stranded...the streets were empty...smoke...silence...we were lost.

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