Miami Remembers 9/11

Juan Carlos Riestra

Always They Will Be Present- A Poem

Fort Pierce, Fl 34982 FL

Always they Will Be Present

Always they will be present nobody can forget them, therefore they lives it just by working hard.

The chosen objetive were the Twin Towers, in New York, two jetliners have had destroyed the life of good and innocents people.

People with dreams and illusions of workind and to build, their lives and their families but the terror was able more.

Thus the Tower they fell and the Pentagon, and another --- airplane, that went to The White House and to its destiny did'nt arrive.

More than 3,000 lives reaped 20 crazies terrorist, who in the name of Allah they sowed grudge and hatred.

10 years almost had past of that nameless massacre, instead of destroying US joined with US, woman and man.-

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