Miami Remembers 9/11

Michael Bialor

9/11/2001 memories

Hollywood FL

I will never forget the day for the rest of my life. It still brings strong memories back. It was my junior year at Hollywood Hills High School in Hollywood, Florida, sitting in my AP American History class with Mr. Wilson. The class had just started and we were taking notes when the History Dept. Head walked into the room. He pulled Mr. Wilson just outside the classroom door to talk. We all thought it was just the two of them talking teacher talk, but then the two of them walked back in and the other teacher asked if he could erase part of the noted on the front board. He then continued to draw (badly bythe way) a building with a hole in it. Mr. Wilson still didnt believe what his fellow colleague was trying to say. For the first time ever,albeit unwillingly, Mr. Wilson turned on the classroom television and turned it to CNN. CNN news was talking about the first tower of the WTC was on fire, that a plane hit it. At first, everyone thought that it was an accident gone horribly wrong. As Mr. Wilson was just about to turn the TV off, another airplane came into the picture and it hit the second tower. At that point, everyone knew that it was not any accident.

My heart and prayers still go out to all the families of those who were lost on that terrible, terrible day in 2001.

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