Miami Remembers 9/11



Cutler Bay FL

This day will never be forgotten. It was September 11, 2001. I was 13 years old in my American History class in middle school. My teacher stops the class and turns on the news, right at that moment was when the second plane hit the South Tower. My teacher's face got pale -- he was in total shock. We did not understand what was going on, then the teacher explained. Years passed and I enlisted in the U.S. Armed Fores. In January 2010 I deployed to Iraq and I could not be any more proud to serve my country and pay my dues. I'm proud to have been able to honor all those fallen on that day and their families. September 11 marked as a very important day in my life.

For all the heroes and first responders who ran to NYC to help in this disaster and were lost, and for all of those fellow soldiers who fought and are fighting overseas for our freedom: YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.

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