Miami Remembers 9/11

David Passmore

In Greece

state college, pa PA

On 9/10 I flew from JFK to Athens. Beside me was a Greek man with a tiny dog. All was fun. When I arrived in Athens, I went to my hotel. I went to my hotel, and fell asleep with the tv on. For some reason, I woke in time to see a CNN bulletin that a light plane hit the wtcenter. I watched everything from my hotel room in athens. I tried to call my family. No lines available. I tried to call the US embassy. No luck. I dined at 930 in the shadow of the acropolis. The air was hot and quiet. I thought about NYC. A little old lady who made my meal smiled and said, "I love America. " I watched tv from the lobby of my hotel. I thought, maybe 50k dead. The next morning I arrived at the port of piraeus at 430 am. By mistake, I got on the wrong ferry and ended up traveling to all Greek islands. At night I arrived back in Piraeus and went by first class to Milos. At 1 am we arrived after watching the stars over the Agean sea, much as Odysseus did. I could not contact my family for. 3 days. I watched 9/11 broadcasting from CNN and fox but in Greek. I knew nothing. When I flew into NYC, clouds of smoke rose from WTC. God bless America.

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