Miami Remembers 9/11


The terror

Miami FL

I remember that the morning of Sept.11th there was a hurricane warning in Miami so everybody was already slightly on edge about this.I had undergone ankle surgery in December 2000 and I was still going to my physical therapy sessions daily in Coconut Grove.I arrived for my 9:00 am appointment around 8:50,after the first plane had hit, and I saw,from the waiting room,that everyone who worked there was huddled in the only room with a TV but I really did not think much of it.My physical therapist came out and we had to go by the TV room to get to the area where my treatment was given,so I briefly went in,saw what was happening,and,like everyone else at that time, thought it was a horrible accident and did not think anything else.Because my appointment was starting, my PT and I went into the treatment room, she put the hot boot on my ankle that preceded the exercises and once again left the room.When she came back in a few minutes later,she told me about the second plane hitting the second tower and I remember just not being able to fully comprehend what was happening.My appointment was 90 minutes long,so towards the end she came in once more to tell me one of the towers had actually collapsed.By then,everyone was nervous and I decided to get home as quickly as possible.By the time I arrived,the second tower had fallen and the hurricane was already letting it's effects be felt,so I proceeded to close the hurricane shutters and watch TV.My memories of that day are sitting in a very dark living room watching in disbelief and horror at what unfolded time and time again,since all of the TV stations were basically just repeating the same footage over and over.I also remember the fear I had that our building,one of the highest in Miami at that time, would be attacked,since rumors were flying that planes were going to hit many tall structures in major cities around the US.So it was a day of sadness,horror and fear that I will never forget as long as I live.

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