Miami Remembers 9/11

Kathy Kustra


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My husband, Bob, and I were staying with our son at his apartment at 14th and 6th in NYC, and were on our way to the World Trade Center that morning. On the afternoon of 9/10, we went there and bought tickets to the Top of the World observation deck, but it was raining so hard, we decided to go back the next morning, on 9/11. Bob was walking in the Village shortly after 8:30 am when the first plane flew over him, very low. We were to meet at 9:00 to take the subway to the WTC, but, of course, did not. The next two days, before we were able to leave to go home, were some of the most shocking -- and the most heartbreaking -- we have ever experienced. It saddened us to leave NYC as we felt we had been bound with that great city in witnessing a test of wills, character, and heroism -- but also evil -- like no other.

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