Miami Remembers 9/11

Juan Gomez


Hialeah FL

I was in 4th grade in Ms. Rodriguez class, the class was reading out loud, when Ms. Rodriguez received a phone call on her mobile. She ignored the call, then she received another call. Upon answering, she let out an outburst and quickly turned on the TV. It was unclear what was occurring. She thought that the fires in NY could be seen from the Pentagon. We didn’t know that the Pentagon had also been attacked. I remember then going to P.E and coach Winner was in shock, then walking past the lunch room you could see hundreds of parents all attempting to pick up their children. That night my parents did not allow me to see the footage of the victims leaping to their death from the tower, but I still managed to sneak a peek. I didn’t know exactly what the attack meant or what it was for, but what I know now is that it's the day that the world changed. Ten years later and it's still a sad day and will forever be the day that America changed.

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