Miami Remembers 9/11


coral gables, FL – “I was parking my car at work when I heard the inital brief report of a small plane crashing into the the tim i made it upstairs, everyone was huddled around ...”

Will Dominguez

hialeah,fl, FL – “I was driving to class in Tallahassee when I heard the news on the radio. At first I thought it was a tasteless prank by the college radio station, but once I ...”


Miami, FL – “I remember that the morning of Sept.11th there was a hurricane warning in Miami so everybody was already slightly on edge about this.I had undergone ankle surgery in December 2000 and I ...”


Miami, FL – “I remember that day like yesterday. I worked nights at the time and was sleep when the first plane hit. My father called me asking if I had to work (I worked ...”

Juan Gomez

Hialeah, FL – “I was in 4th grade in Ms. Rodriguez class, the class was reading out loud, when Ms. Rodriguez received a phone call on her mobile. She ignored the call, then she received ...”

Daniel sanchez

Miami, FL – “I was only 1 year old, living in New York. My parents took me to my babysitter's house, and when I arrived around 9:00, I saw smoke coming from one of the ...”


Weston, FL 33326, FL – “I recall the horrible, cowardly act as if it happened moments ago. I was in my office drinking coffee and my associate called me shouting "come to the employee lounge you'll never ...”

Emmanuel Joseph

Miami, FL – “10 years ago I was stationed in Fort Hood Texas. I was attending a course CLS (Combat Life Saver) when they interrupted the training and informed all of us to return to ...”

Marine Eddie A. Lombard

Miami, FL – “R.I.P. All deceased individuals involved in this tragic event in United States Of America. Please, let's remember in silence and with respect all individuals demised and all the individuals involved in the ...”

Gina McCartney

Palmetto, FL – “We had just opened the door at 9 a.m. to our shop and we each had our patrons seated when a walk-in casually mentioned that he had heard on the radio just ...”

Martha Patton

Fort Lauderdale, FL – “I would like to honor the Broward Crisis Response Team. On 9/11, we were put on standby, and told we would be responding to NY/NJ area to set up a family assistance ...”

Jose A. Gato Jr.

miami, FL – “I remember 9/11 like if it were yesterday. I was in secpnd grade in Mrs. Salem's class and she tried to play it off by not saying anything to us because she ...”

Jim Withers

Jensen Beach, FL – “Yesterday, was a somber 9-11 reminder. I entered the door of the Treasure Coast Blood Bank,remembering how I stood in line for over 4 hours back on that fateful date. There was ...”

Carl Covington

Jacksonville, FL – “I was a truck driver delivering diplomat cars to the World Trade Center. They were the last cars I had on my truck. I was going to deliver them the following morning ...”

Tony Zumbado

weston ,Fl., FL – “10 long years ago . . . Our American life styles took a blow. My prayers to all the families whose loved ones were the ones to go, 10 years ago. I ...”

Greg Clark

Miami Shores, FL – “I was a employee of Morgan Stanley and was just getting off the elevator of 2 WTC on the 62nd floor when the plane hit 1 WTC. Apparently a ball of fire ...”

James Hodges

crawfordville Florida, FL – “I had never been to New York. We had a sales meeting on September 10 in Central Park. Small office supply company from Florida. After the meeting we walked back to Times ...”

Juan Carlos Riestra

Fort Pierce, Fl 34982, FL – “Always they Will Be Present Always they will be present nobody can forget them, therefore they lives it just by working hard. The chosen objetive were the Twin Towers, in New York, ...”

Bruce & Cheryl Rubin

Coral Gables, FL – “We were living in Manhattan at the time, and certain memories are seared into our brains, forever: --The sound of sirens, non-stop, for 36 hours. --The sight of survivors walking past our ...”

Michael Bialor

Hollywood, FL – “I will never forget the day for the rest of my life. It still brings strong memories back. It was my junior year at Hollywood Hills High School in Hollywood, Florida, sitting ...”


Cutler Bay, FL – “This day will never be forgotten. It was September 11, 2001. I was 13 years old in my American History class in middle school. My teacher stops the class and turns on ...”

Andrienne Lewis

FL – “I stayed home from school that day because I was feeling ill and just as we were having breakfast the news flashed and said a plane had hit the WTC towers, I ...”


Miami, FL – “I remember driving my co-worker to Sears; I had the day off. We thought a plane had crashed only hearing it over the car radio. But it wasn't until I got back ...”

Kenneth Griffin

Pembroke Pines, FL 33026, FL – “9/11/01 dawned like any other day for me. I was a supervisor assigned to the Homicide unit of the Miami Police Department and was watching the morning news with my crew like ...”

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